About POWA

Protect Our Water Alliance was formed in early 2019 in response to the ongoing mining beneath Sydney's water catchment.

Located on unceded Dharawal Country in Wollongong, POWA is affiliated with grassroots groups and environmental organisations across the Illawarra, Southern Highlands, and Greater Sydney regions. 

POWA is calling for a ban on mining in our water catchment.

Damage to the Catchment

The Greater Sydney Water Catchment supplies 5 million people with clean drinking water.

The five active coal mines that dig beneath the catchment cause irreversible damage to creeks, rivers, and endangered upland swamps. This not only reduces the quality and quantity of water we need to drink, but ruins critical ecosystems and cultural heritage sites.

Proposed mining expansions

There are two proposals currently before the NSW State Government; the Dendrobium Mine expansion and the Russell Vale Colliery expansion

The Peabody Metropolitan Mine in Helensburgh is currently mining underneath Woronora Reservoir.

South32 Dendrobium Mine Extension awaiting outcome of Independent Planning Commission

we need your help!

This mine is seeking a 25 year extension, proposing 21 305m wide longwalls beneath our drinking water catchment.

It will be immensely destructive to the escarpment and Woronora Plateau.

Wollongong Coal's Russell Vale Mine expansion proposal approved by Independent Planning Commission

This expansion still needs Federal approval, but Wollongong Coal claims they will be trucking coal to Port Kembla Coal Terminal by May 2021. 

POWA recognises that the traditional owners of the regions spanning Sydney's water catchment have never ceded sovereignty of their lands and waters.

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